sol-tec Velocity - FREE Webinar

Tuesday 27th February 2018

Start:         10.30am                 Duration:   30 minutes

sol-tec Velocity is our new Support and Services Package for the Microsoft Stack. Velocity offers flexible technical support, consultancy and training services on-demand.  It is designed from the ground up to help support you during and post your journey to the cloud. Velocity's wide variety of support services and training is accessed from one flexible contract.
Top 5 Reasons why Velocity makes sense: 

  • Direct support from sol-tec's technical team as and when you need it
  • Escalate Mission Critical Issues directly to the very best Microsoft Experts
  • Broad selection of training services and training delivery methods, with advice on what you need, how and when
  • Velocity can reduce the number of individual support service agreements you have now and in the future
  • Velocity can adapt to your needs as they evolve allowing you to choose what services you consume

For a taster of how Velocity works, take a look at our short video.......


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