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Things really are working.....

It struck me the other day just how good some of what we would have regularly site as unreliable, 10 years ago, has become. Take the weather forecast as a case in point, we are now able to predict the best day for the barbecue, and which day you should watch that box set everyone is talking about. The local supermarket has already stocked up on burgers, charcoal and napkins knowing with pinpoint accuracy how much stock is required; no one is left disappointed.

There is a deeper story at play, for some time now the Met Office has relied on satellite data, complex computer models and even the chaos theory to ensure that Carol Kirkwood puts in an accurate weather prediction. More intriguingly there is also data being fed in from thousands of internet linked weather stations operated by individual enthusiasts across the globe; known as the Weather Observations Website (WOW).  It collects data such as wind, temperature and rain sensors providing highly localised real-time weather updates.  Lots of small contributions creating a powerful picture. 

At the time of writing this article I can see the exact conditions a stone’s throw from our office. Here’s the link if you want to take a look at your home town.

Fact is we are all little sensors emitting information every day: when we fill up for petrol, go online, watch TV or buy a cup of coffee.  How you as a business choose to use the data that’s available will define how you drive future innovation.
The Met Office hosts WOW In Microsoft Azure, to read more click here.

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