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There maybe tribble ahead…

OK before the spelling police descend on me I should, for the uninitiated, introduce you to the Tribble. Tribbles had their moment in the sun in Episode 44 of the original series of Star Trek and, if memory serves, resembled the cheap kind of toy found at many a fairground in the 1970’s; highly flammable and probably banned in most countries.

Anyway, in this episode Uhura is given a tribble by a trader as a gift, unware of their extraordinary fast reproductive capabilities, soon the Enterprise is overrun with the synthetic furry blighters. McCoy is concerned that they will eat the food reserves so this situation is not sustainable. For reasons not entirely made clear it turns out Tribbles have aversion to Klingons and the feeling is mutual.  So Scotty transports all the tribbles on to a Klingon ship and normality is resumed. Why the Klingon’s didn’t transport them all back is beyond me. Perhaps the Trekkie community could investigate and come back to me.  


The Data Dilemma

We are living in a time of Data explosion and experts expect the Digital Universe to double every two years. If you ask most IT Departments how much of this data is actually used, (hot data), it will only be a fraction of the total; which is growing and growing every day.

Many are under pressure to provision more and more storage for more and more data and duty bound to store everything for years and years by their regulatory or policy conventions.  

StorSimple and Microsoft Azure

StorSimple can become part of your Disaster Recovery plan allowing for rapid recovery of large volumes of data.  Immediate data availability in the event of a disaster, and will help you consolidate your storage infrastructure. 

For more detailed information on StorSimple check out our white paper by clicking here.



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