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Moving House made easy with Velostrata

Moving house is always listed as one of the most stressful activities we humans inflict on ourselves. So many considerations, it’s no wonder that many of us decide to stay put. Why is this the cause of so much anguish?

Simply put, it’s the finality of it all. You are going to spend a lot of money getting to your new house but once completed there’s no going back.  In the main, most people find their dream home and are very happy with their new location, but sadly the potential pitfalls are enough to put many off the idea altogether.

So, if we could sort of move in without fully committing, check out the lay of the land without moving all the boxes, and have the option to move back to our original house if things don’t go to plan - how much stress would that alleviate?

Velostrata, take the cloud for a spin… 

Much like moving to a new house, moving to the public cloud can feel like a whole lot of stress without any guaranteed outcome. Ideally you don’t want to move until you are sure the financial and operational arguments stack up.

So how can Velostrata help? Simply put it decouples storage from your VMWare virtual machines allowing you to migrate workloads to the cloud in minutes (yes minutes).

If things don’t work out or go as planned the migration can be reversed. Yes, you guessed it, in minutes!

Once you are sure you’re happy the storage can be migrated in the background whilst the service itself continues to run.

1. Decouples compute from storage.
2. Agentless streaming technology begins workloads in the cloud in minutes.
3. At your leisure transfer data over a wan optimised channel into cloud storage.

As data is copied to the cloud over time and is synced to the live environment it is possible to abandon the migration at any point and revert to the on-premise quickly and non-destructively.  Only once you are completely sure do you fully switch over.

Still unsure, take a look at this actual migration using Velostrata that took just over 6 Minutes.


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