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Delivering Enterprise Hybrid Cloud Storage with Global File Sharing and Collaboration

With year on year data growth averaging at 40%, many businesses are facing high storage costs, complex data protection, recovery challenges and an inefficient end-user experience.

During Talon and Sol-Tec's recent webinar we explored these challenges and showed how Talon, StorSimple and Microsoft Azure, can make a real difference to businesses of all sizes, driving significant business benefits.

Hybrid Cloud Storage Explained

With Talon, StorSimple and Azure, businesses can easily reduce storage costs by 40-60%, manage data growth, simplify data protection & disaster recovery and increase business agility by moving unstructured data to the Cloud whilst retaining relevant on-premise solutions.

Once data is in the Cloud, it is presented back to users so efficiently and seamlessly through the use of data snapshots, that the user experience is as though it were local. With usable, accessible recovery points and efficiently de-duped and compressed data, the process is exceptionally simple and efficient. Disaster recovery is no longer a concern, with up to 6 copies of businesses data being held in the stable Microsoft Azure environment.

If you consider the Distributed Enterprise space, where astonishingly less than 10% of data held is considered 'active', unstructured data accounts for the vast majority of businesses data. This startling number highlights the clear business wins of using a hybrid StorSimple solution.

Centralising data and eliminating branch office back-ups without file access compromise. Typically, 70% of Distribution Enterprise data is unstructured file sharing data and 60-80% of this data still sits at the branch level. Whilst many businesses have been trying to centralise their data over the last 10 years, it has been with limited success (and more often than not failure) due to the solutions available.

For successful growth, businesses need centralised data that can be managed effectively, delivering a high-end user experience at every branch.

Talon CloudFast™, Microsoft Azure and StorSimple work together to give businesses a complete solution - centralised, secure data that is coherent and consistent, easy to manage and scale out and enables high performance use at all branch locations.

With a single data set approach and using fast, intelligent file caching solutions, it delivers instant global file sharing & collaboration supported with central file locking to the distributed workforce. Tiered data storage gives maximum cost efficiency to businesses and global users at all branches experience the feeling that they're all working from the same office.

There are many leading businesses who are already winning by adopting this approach to data storage management. To hear their compelling stories and see in more detail how these powerful technologies work together, view our webinar recording at

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