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Bank Holiday Madness......

As another bank holiday comes around, perhaps you're tempted to come to Reading Festival, trawl around in the mud, drink really gassy lager and perhaps get that tattoo. Trust me you will regret that one. Or perhaps you will head off to the Eurotunnel, for the coast or scoot off to the Cotswolds and marvel at the architecture.

Fact is wherever you go you’ll hit some sort of traffic jam. You’ll swear to yourself never again and have a debate with the other passengers. “how many workmen does it take to stand around looking at a hole in the ground”. Worse still is the horrible realisation that you and the other 5000 cars probably caused the jam by slowing down to gawp at the workmen standing around looking at the hole.

Once free of the jam you’ll still have to deal with speed limits, bottlenecks, crazy drivers and caravans. Are we there yet?

Wouldn’t it be great to have your own lane that no one else can use, reserved just for you?  

Let’s take the Express… 

Whilst it's certainly possible to utilise your current internet connection to connect to Microsoft Cloud services the internet pipe to and from the Microsoft Cloud is shared with other Internet traffic, such as You Tube and Spotify.  Additionally, the traffic destined for Microsoft cloud services is subject to internet traffic congestion – much like our bank holiday traveller; at busy times you might not have an enjoyable experience.

To get the best possible performance for your Microsoft Cloud applications you need to use Microsoft ExpressRoute. ExpressRoute gives you a fast, private and reliable connection to Azure.

With ExpressRoute in place you can count on predictable throughput and latency to Office 365, Azure and Dynamics 365 services. Traffic sent over your ExpressRoute connection is no longer subject to internet outages and traffic congestion. Better still traffic which traverses your ExpressRoute connection is not subject to internet monitoring or packet capture and analysis by malicious parties.  In fact it is as secure as using MPLS WAN links.
If you are serious about moving to Azure, ExpressRoute is the best place to start. It will open a world of possibilities.  

I leave you with one for your Spotify play list.
“Get your motor Running, head out on the highway, looking for adventure and whatever comes my way” Born to be wild, Steppenwolf.

To hear more of my “life in the fast lane” play list, click on the Spotify logo.



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