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Are you the dinsosaur.........


Are you the dinosaur…
The dinosaurs disappeared 65 Million years ago, latest research suggests that there were a variety of factors and events that ultimately led to their demise but in evolutionary terms they were gone in the blink of an eye.
But hold on, didn’t they evolve into birds, specialise and adapt?  Evidence suggests this is true but only those that found ways to exist in the “new world” and take advantage made it through.

What on earth am I going on about…
OK, it’s a bit of a stretch to compare the mass extinction of the dinosaurs to how businesses need to compete in today’s world, but there are some useful parallels that we can all learn from.

Disruption Destruction
Like an asteroid hitting the earth (sorry about the metaphor), disruptive technologies are wiping out some of best loved businesses.

Everyone is searching for the next way to rationalise and deliver a services and goods for less. Estate agents, clothing retailers, banks, supermarkets are all being targeted by new less expensive ways to deliver the same service. The 'new businesses' are disrupting pre-conceived ideas, adapting to trends quicker and taking over. Is your business the next target?

How are they reacting and adapting so quickly?
There are plenty of reasons but I’m sure if you took a look at how they are using existing technologies and collaborating more effectively you’ll find some of the answers. Today, successful businesses are doing more with less; working in teams and using collaborative tools to join up there workforce and exploit every ounce of talent. Less meetings, but more input from personnel. 

In addition, they are using the cloud to scale quickly but minimise cost when the demand is not there. Manageable growth, manageable costs.

So, what are you?
Are you collaborating effectively? Are you aware of and better still using all of the services available to you on your Office 365 Portal?  Microsoft Teams, One Note, Yammer, Sharepoint. There are 22 on my portal by the way.  Have you looked at how the cloud may make a difference?

One final thought…
Can you remember how thick the yellow pages used to be:-


Adapt or be gone!

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