Velostrata lets you move workloads to the public cloud in minutes, while controlling and automating where storage resides - on-premises, in the cloud, or a combination of both.


Introducing Velostrata

Velostrata provides cloud workload mobility software which enables enterprise customers to realize a dynamic, multi-vendor hybrid cloud environment. Leveraging Velostrata’s patented real-time workload streaming technology, customers can move workloads from private or hosted data-centers into public clouds (AWS or Azure) in minutes.

  • Unprecedented speed (1000X migration acceleration)
  • Simplicity (no agents, no change to workloads)
  • Safety (test before you migrate, instant rollback)
  • Scalability (~100 VMs operational in cloud per hour)
  • Multi-vendor flexibility (switch between clouds or revert back to on-prem). 
Whether your organization is seeking an "all-in" migration to cloud, or seeking to extend your data center with capacity on demand, Velostrata provides a solution that addresses the full workload mobility spectrum in one, unified simple product offering.



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Disaster Recovery

  • Many organisations have branch offices and datacentres that are running Windows NetApp and EMC servers that are at risk if they fail
  • Traditional backup methodologies are used to attempt to protect data and are not able to share files between sites
  • A more dynamic solution is to have a real-time copy of all file data in Azure that can be viewed and shared securely, edited or used as an automatic failover if the branch server fails

Traditional Backup

  • Generally done each evening, a server failure means all changes since the previous evening are lost
  • 'Backup eventually = restore’, which means unacceptable data loss and downtime
  • In the case of failure, the branch office has to wait for replacement hardware
  • A restore process has to be kicked off from a repository or vault, which can take many hours or days of downtime

GFS Benefits

Peer Software GFS - For DFSR Users with Performance and Management Issues and Enterprise customers with many servers and/or large amounts of collaborated data
  • GFS is a fully featured collaboration platform that replaces DFSR file replication with a much more robust solution that requires much less bandwidth processing resources.
  • GFS can be used in a Hub and Spoke configuration so ideal for companies with many servers to collaborate where the full mesh topology of DFSR is not appropriate.
  • Companies with many sites often benefit from the GFS Central Management Console (single pane of glass) and a version conflict module.
  • GFS utilises Peer Software's award winning replication technology which is ideal for companies wth large data sets and/or low latency environments.
  • Peer Software GFS has 2 modules - PeerLink for Multi-Site File Sharing and PeerSync for Real Time DR/BU and migration.
PeerLock for DFSR File Locking

PeerLink for large, multi-site environments
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